What we do

Human Spare Parts is a research program hosted by BioMediTech Research Institute, which in turn is run by the University of Tampere, Finland, and the Tampere University of Technology, Finland. The Human Spare Parts program began in 2011, although joint research activities in the area of regenerative medicine and supporting technologies have been ongoing prior to this for several years. Our goal is to study and develop stem cell based solutions for tissue defects, and find new treatments for bone, neural, retinal and cardiac diseases and traumas. With over 25 treated patients and the largest bone deficiency treatments in the world, we are the forerunners in stem cell research.
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Patient Story

A destroyed upper jawbone

Our goal

Over 6 000 000 people suffer from ostheoporotic bone defects in Europe per year and over 40 000 patients in Finland have retinal disease called dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which can only partially be treated with drugs or other therapies at the moment. There are also neurological diseases, such as Multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury and cardiac problems, which need to be better understood in order to develop efficient diagnostic and treatment methods. We strive to develop novel stem cell based technologies and solutions that lead to new therapies and drugs for these needs.
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Enabling technologies

All wired up! – Hope for MS and spinal cord injuries from stem cells

Our team

Our team consists of over 140 people working in the heart of Finland, in Tampere. We have top-level expertise in biomaterials, sensor technology, biomedical engineering and stem cells.
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Enabling technologies

Decreasing animal testing and drug withdrawals