Human Spare Parts research program

The Human Spare Parts research program combines top-level expertise in biomaterials, sensor technology, biomedical engineering and stem cells to develop technologies and solutions that will lead to new therapies and drugs in the future

The program will produce solutions, which in the future may be utilized for example in creating new bone tissue in cases of bone damage, or nerve tissue in cases of spinal injury.  Developed technologies will also enable the research of, for example, the cardiac side effects of medications and the development of new ophthalmological medications.

In the Human Spare Parts program, stem cells are used to build spare parts to replace damaged and degenerated body parts. The aim of the project is to find better and more cost-effective ways to build spare parts for people from stem cells.




1.7.2011 – 31.12.2018.


Research areas and goals

Biological and clinical goals of the program

  • Tailored bone and soft tissue transplants utilizing adipose stem cells and biomaterial
  • Corneal and Retinal transplants based on biomaterial cell combinations
  • In-vitro models for neural tissue regeneration
  • Neural graft development
  • Cardiac cells and tissue models for studying patient-specific and genetic heart diseases and for development and safety assessment
  • Biomimetic cell culture environments with mechanical, electrical and chemical stimulation
  • Sensor and measurement solutions cell culturing
  • Imaging and image processing for tailoring, evaluation and validation of tissue engineered products
  • Hydrogel scaffolds for soft tissue applications
  • Biodegradable personalized 2D and 3D textile structures


Material bank

At Human Spare Parts, we are active speakers in conferences and write dozens of research articles and conference papers every year. During 2014, we published 40 peer-reviewed research articles.

Please visit our material bank, if you would like to read more detailed information on our research themes. The material bank includes scientific articles, news, web articles and also writings from national newspapers.


Research groups



Stem cells



The program runs with a yearly budget of 8–10 M€. The funding originates from the EU and national agencies, such as the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES), Academy of Finland and the Council of Tampere Region.


Contact details for further information

Program Manager Juho Väisänen +358 40 1909834