Our Human Spare Parts team consists of over 140 people – students, researchers and doctors from many fields of expertise. There are automation and microelectronic engineers, medical doctors, biochemists, biologists, physics, laboratory professionals and many other experts in our team. We have top-level expertise in biomaterials, sensor technology, biomedical engineering and stem cells. Breaking the walls between different professions, cross-disciplinary research topics and intersectional thinking and innovations makes our team and the Human Spare Parts research program unique. Let us introduce five of our team members.


Kalle Lehto & Ilmari Tamminen – The eyes of the research project

Young researchers Kalle Lehto and Ilmari Tamminen are a dynamic team. You can feel the drive, eagerness, and great team spirit when you meet them. They are part of the team developing methods to image, measure, and analyse physiological and biological systems and their functions. Read more what these soft tissue imaging experts tell us about their work.

Micro- and nanotechnology

Joose Kreutzer – Building homes for stem cells

“You could say that me and the guys here are building homes for stem cells”, tells Joose Kreutzer, an engineer who has been working with cell related technologies for over 10 years. Read more what the architect of cell size homes thinks about his work.


Janne Koivisto – Material engineer searching for the perfect gel

Stem cells require an optimized seedbed to grow. Janne Koivisto is part of the biomaterials team in our research program, who is trying to find and develop an ideal combination of biomaterials and nutrition for stem cells. Read more what Janne tells us about gels and his work.

Cell biology

Mari Pekkanen-Mattila – Making heart beat on glass arrays

Biochemist, PhD, Mari Pekkanen-Mattila has been studying heartbeat on a plate ever since from the beginning, from 2005. Mari leads us to the world of thumping heart cells and tells why they are a revolution for heart disease research and drug development.