Joose Kreutzer – Building homes for stem cells

At the end of sinuous Electronics building corridors at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) you can find a group of enthusiastic guys in the middle of wires and blinking light numbers of various devices and computers. They are the team of micro- and nanotechnology researchers.

One of the engineers is Joose Kreutzer, who has been part of the Human Spare Parts program ever since the beginning. He has been working with cell-based technology for over 10 years.

“You could say that me and the guys here are building happy homes for stem cells”, he says and continues: “We have built various models to find the most ideal ones. Utilizing the models, we have built over 3000 happy homes for cells for different purposes.”

“My specialty is to develop and build a perfect home for cells, where they would have the best conditions to grow and live in. That is called building biomimetic conditions.”

Research project with a twist of R&D and commercialization

Joose graduated from TUT in 2005 and has a deep understanding in Medical Engineering and microanalytic systems. He has been a researcher for over ten years, but describes working in the Human Spare Parts program as more like an R&D process than a research project.

“Our aim is to create, develop, and produce structures where cells could grow. Our task is to think how the product has to be in order to get it into the market. And we have managed to do so already – one type of the chambers we have developed is now in pilot production.”

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